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Main briefing will be held Saturday 7 March at 20:30 - 21:30.
Every morning there will be a short briefing at 09:00 for 25-45 mins.

Important operational information - 2015

The document covering rules and procedures (rev. 1.6) is available for download. The document has been updated to rev. 1.8 from 28 FEB 2015 Please make yourself familiar with the information when available. Copies of the document will be available for reading in the briefing room, but from an environmental view we will not make hardcopies for everyone. Handouts of the most important items will be available for everybody.

Information on the web is an extract of Vågå Wavecamp - local rules and procedures (rev. 1.6). The information will also be presented at the briefings:
- General information
- Operational issues
- Safety

High Altitude Flying

Read about the Regulations and requirements for high altitude flying with gliders in Norway here......


Lake Vågåvann is covered with ice and snow during the winter. We have permission to use the lake as airfield during the week of the WaveCamp. Snow clearing will take place 2-3 kms from Vågå hotel, where we will have a lot of space for runways and parking area. The GPS coordinate is approxemate 61.51.500N 009.01.000E with runway 09/27.

Due to the large amount of gliders and our strong safety requirements, everybody will have to comply with local procedures and instructions issued by the operational staff. There will be daily mandatory briefings at Vågå hotel.


We will be assigned a dedicated airspace above Vågå where we will be able to fly VFR above FL 195. Arrangements with Oslo Control ATC will be made to ensure that this runs smooth. In 2002 we were cleared all the way to FL350.

Transponder mandatory

All flights entering the airspace above FL 135, the glider has to be equipped with a Mode C or Mode S Transponder. The pilot also needs to have a valid VHF Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence.

Aerotow and selflaunch

We will have sufficient capacity of tugs. Most likely we will have one Piper Pawnees and one Robin Remo DR400 available this year.

Pilots intending to use self-launch must get a separate briefing from the Tug-Chief regarding tow-routes and procedures.

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