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Q: Do you privide check-flights?
A: We have the possibility to provide check-flights in an ASK21. Pilot requirements and checkflight information is listed on the registrationpage

Q: Are you providing a mountain/wave flying course?
A: No - we are organising the camp for experienced pilots. The Nordic gliding organisations are providing a course with limited number of seats. See http://www.nordic-gliding.org/

Q: I need to rent a glider, can you help me?
A: We are sorry, but we don't have gliders, or the capacity to handle rentals.

Q: Do you provide oxygen?
A: Yes, it is included in the camp-fee.

Q: I want to rent oxygen equipment; can I rent it from you?
A: No. We don't have any equipment available.

Q: Is there an Internet cafe in Vågå?
A: Don't know, but you can hook up at the hotel, both LAN and WLAN.


Q: My club is not listed?!
A: Register in group other, after registration (on page 4) you will be able to register your group and gliders.

Q: We are several pilots travelling together, how can we register as a group?
A: The group-coordinator registers first. For all the other pilots, enter the booking-reference of the group coordinator on page 2 (group-reference). The group coordinator will be able so see the status on all the pilots in the group.

Q: Can I pay with Visa/Mastercard?!
A: Payment for tows etc. on site can be done with Visa/Mastercard. Payment upfront has to be done through bank transfer. Details listed in the price-list.

Q: I would like to stay a few more days after the camp, can I get the same rate at the hotel?
A: Yes. Just tell us in the registration form, and will check availability and give you feedback. Wavecamp-prices will be available for pilots throughout the Easter week.

Q: I don't get e-mails from you!
A: If you have registered with your Hotmail/MSN-address, check that wavecamp.no is allowed to send e-mails to you. Sometimes e-mail from us end up in the junk-folder

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