Vågå Wave Camp

(11 March - 19 March 2017)

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Wavecamp 2017

Drammen Flyklubb is pleased to announce that Vågå wavecamp 2017 is scheduled to take place from Saturday March 11 through Sunday March 19. More information will be announced later once it is available.

Please note new web address for Drammen Flyklubb: www.drammenflyklubb.no

Moving to Frya

Ferry flight from Hokksund to Vågå Friday March 6th with LN-DFK and LN-GCJ. Ice and surface were perfect. Saturday opened with completely different condition. Warm weather, water one the ice and strong westerly wind. We did no flights on Saturday. Strong westerly wind during the night and Sunday appeared like a warm spring day made operating on the ice very difficult. Mooring holes were widening and the ice were very slippery. Spikes on the boots mandatory. What actions to perform? Pilot were eager to fly. Lentics above were challenging. Westerly wind, although more than 75 knots at FL150 made it too much wind. The options were; no flying today, secure the aircrafts and do a night watch team on the ice until the next day or move the aircrafts to Frya. Frya is 65 km SW of Vågå. Nice airfield with capacity for 10 gliders. Actually this was an easy choice. We made three glider and two tugs ready for ferry. The gliders, two single seater and a two seater, were ready in a short time. Both the single seaters released in 800 meter above Vågå lake, but the two seater did stay on the line behind the tug for some distance. The two-seater arrived together with one single seater at Frya a little later. The other single seater landed on Vågå lake and disassembled for the trailer. At least for a day with a prospect of no flying we did five flights with six pilots. To morrow we plan to operate from Frya. May be we continue to operate on Frya or move back to the Vågå lake ice. King weather has the answer we don't know yet, so stay tuned...

(08.03.2015, Moe)  

You are invited!

For the twenty fourth year in a row Drammen Flyklubb is hosting the Vågå Wave Camp. In the windy and wild mountains of Norway we invite you to join us for a week of flying.

Read previous year participant experience:

Follow the menu "Registration" on the left for registration.

Looking forward to see you in Vågå!

In the meantime, while waiting, you may fly in "virtually": http://nug.4d.no/wavecamp
(Require Google Earth plugin)

Best regards

Vågå Wave Camp staff

(14.12.2014, Moe)  


From: People
From: Kjetil Nordheim
The mandatory flight with the Mayor of Vågå
The mandatory flight with the Mayor of Vågå
From: William Solberg


Vågå Wave Camp 2015

The plan for the 2015-Wavecamp is:

Starting Saturday March 7 with main briefing in the evening Last full day with flying Saturday March 14 Packing and going home Sunday March 15


Looking forward to seeing you all in Vågå 2015

(09.11.2014, Moe)  

Wavecamp 2014 is cancelled!

Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel this year's WaveCamp at Vågå. The reason for this decision is the bad ice conditions on Vågå lake due the mild weather so far this winter.

We hope for a more stable winters ahead and hope to see you all in 2015!

Staff 2014

(02.03.2014, lt)  

You are invited!

For the twenty third year in a row Drammen Flyklubb is hosting the Vågå Wavecamp. In the windy and wild mountains of Norway we invite you to join us for a week of flying.

Registration is open!

Looking forward to see you in Vågå.

Best regards

Vågå staff 2014



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