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Drammen Flyklubb is pleased to invite you to the 29th Extreme Altitude Challenge.

For the 29th year in a row Drammen Flyklubb is hosting the Vågå Wavecamp. In the windy and wild mountains of Norway we invite you to join us for a week of flying from March 10 to March 17 2018.

Looking forward to see you in Vågå.
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Wavecamp staff 2018



The camp is the most significant mountain and wave-camp in Scandinavia, and will be held in Vågå, in the heart of the Norwegian mountains. Vågå can offer extreme soaring conditions and fabulous waves with almost all wind directions. During the camp in 2002 we had more than 60 diamond heights and 100 gold heights. In addition we had a Nordic altitude record – 10 349 m (FL 350). In the following years we have had altitudes between 5000 and 7000 m.

Maybe you can  break you personal record or get a diamond height this time?

In addition to this you will find good skiing conditions in the region, both downhill and cross country. Vågå and the surrounding area is also well know for good food and relaxed ambience.

The first wave camp was arranged in 1989, and will as usual be arranged by Drammen Flyklubb in co-operation with participants from other clubs. 2003 was the first year with a general invitation to international pilots, and pilots from 8 different countries joined the camp. The official operational language will be English, and a lot of the information up front and on site will be given in English only. However, the staff and instructors team will have Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English and German speaking members.



Registration process

We have a quota for Norwegian pilots, one for earlier pilots and one for pilots who have not attended earlier. The process of sending out confirmations will start in December.

Pilot requirement

Flying at Vågå can be a high risk activity unless rules are followed. The landscape and weather are extreme compared to regular summer-flying, and most pilots are starting their season on Vågå. Because of this we have to impose some rules on pilot skills:

Pilots must meet all requirements listed below to fly as pilot in command at Vågå:

  • Valid glider pilot license and a minimum of 75 hours of flying. 50 hours at least must be on pure gliders. Valid towing rating and at least 75 tows.
  • Mountain soaring experience from Vågå or similar sites.
  • Check-flight with “Vågå instructor” before flying (if this is first time at Vågå) (The term “Vågå instructor” means an instructor who has been flying at Vågå before, are familiar with the area and operational procedures, and have been approved to do checkflights etc. at Vågå)

Pilots not meeting the requirements are required to fly as a student with a “Vågå instructor”. The instructor can take the responsibility to send the pilot on a solo-flight if he finds the student and the conditions suitable. Flying solo above 3500 m must only take place if the student meet the requirement in bullet point #1 above and has been checked out on oxygen usage (see here). Drammen flyklubb and Wavecamp staff don’t have capacity to provide instructors for this, you will have to make arrangements with other instructors.

Glider Requirements

To fly above FL 135 glider has to be equipped with transponder and approved oxygen system.

Limitation on gliders

To be able to balance the “pilot pr. glider” ratio, we will initially only allow one glider pr. 2-3 pilots on an average. This is because of ground handling and capacity on the ice compared to lodging. Feel free to register with the number of gliders you want, and you will get a message later on the number of gliders we can accommodate.

All registrations are subject to evaluation based on experience, flying on Vågå is for experienced pilots only! A confirmation will be send by e-mail after evaluation.

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